Monthly Recap — September // bloggy news, all the books, and pretty photos.

Lots of exciting things happened in September: it was my first month of blogging, I got together with two lovely writing friends, I started scribbling a new book about cats, and faeries, and steampunkish things, and Autumn began!

–> Curious Wren bloggy Stuffage <–

  • I did my bookish tag and Emily’s launch tag in one fell swoop, and rambled on about pretty quotes and book covers and favorite teas and charries and all that good stuff.
  • I wrote an emotional thing about my memories of 9/11.
  • I chatted about some books I’m dying to get my paws on.
  • You were given a teensy sneak peek of my light sci-fi re-telling of Beauty and the Beast.
  • I talked about what makes the perfect Autumnal TBR and shared my list with you.
  • Also, I had a writish interview with a sweet gal, Heidi.

–> All things bookish <–

I read a grand total of thirteen books this month. My awesome friend Amanda had the brilliant idea of doing a read-along of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. It was a first read for the both of us and we cried over it together — it’s a heartbreaking and beautiful story. So that happened.

Right now I’m doing a read-along of Great Expectations with my Mum and sisters (goodness, I could shake Pip currently!) and I have at least two more read-alongs scheduled for October. I am immensely fond of buddy reads in case you hadn’t noticed that yet. ^_^

(ignore A Tale of Two Cities. That was a Goodreads glitch.)

Not pictured is Monster which made me cry all the tears and feel all the feels (despite the distressing book cover). Also, They Came to Baghdad in which I guessed the villain (oh, the cleverness of me!), Postern of Fate (disappointingly dull), and Anne of Windy Poplars, a delightful re-read.

And, incidentally, I reviewed Leviathan. 

–> all things writish <–

This month I experimented with 2nd person, present tense; a style I’d never tried before. Her (part one) and Her (part two) were the result of that. I’m thrilled with how they turned out, and I still hug all your amazing, encouraging comments to myself occasionally (all the love to you nice humans!).

Currently I’m scribbling like a small maniac on a newish side-project I started in the third week of September. It’s called Blood Thread, written in third person past tense, and it’s all steampunkish and fantastical and stars a black cat named Tarquin who has a High Opinion of himself. He’s snarky and adorable and I love him to pieces. There are roughly 6,000 words written right now which is good since I intended for it to be a short project in-between I am Juliette edits. It’s so good to be writing fantasy again, because I HAVE MISSED IT LIKE IT IS A DEAR FRIEND.

Speaking of I am Juliette, a blog post properly introducing it should be forthcoming in the future, methinks?

–> life glimpses <–

At least every Thursday this month was a beach day for us. I read copious amounts of Wodehouse and Agatha Christie, soaked in the bright sun, tried to find the perfect way to describe water, roamed the shoreline, and ate far too much icecream.

I had my first flea market experience with my older sister and a good friend. We people-watched, ate Amish-made donuts, investigated ancient books, and I bought a tiny teacup.

We celebrated a niece’s birthday. Our church had revival meetings and they were incredibly convicting, and encouraging. #thankfulforChristianfellowship

Autumn began, and we’ve been preparing all our vegetables for the winter (I can’t wait to make jam!). Fall cleaning has started (ish).

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 3 premiered yesterday, and it was a smashing, solid beginning to the season. Don’t mind me while I cry in a corner over the science babies (a.k.a. FitzSimmons). I am not prepared for another season of emotional trauma! Who am I kidding, I love having my heart crushed like a grape.

We also watched Cinderella and Beyond the Mask, both of which are wonderful new family favorites. I should review them — thoughts?

Also, I am knitting a pair of gloves for winter (so cushy soft) and I’ve tentatively begun coloring more often — I have Fear of White Paper, apparently. Artistic, Annie is not.

The highlight of my month was getting together with Emily and Schuyler. Emily is a dear on-line friend, and meeting her in person was wonderful; Schuyler is just a darling human that I still can’t believe I’ve been privileged to spend so much time with. The three of us had a glorious time chatting of “shoes and ships and sealing-wax and cabbages and kings.” It was wonderful and uplifting and I’m blessed by their friendship.

–> around cyberspace <–

–> Coming in October <–

  • Age of Ultron comes out on DVD on Friday and we’re having a family party together since it’s our first time watching it. I am incredibly excited and I CAN NOT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED WITH HAWKEYE DURING CAPTAIN AMERICA 2. ALSO I AM DYING TO MEET THE TWINS.
  • Hanne-col is starting a new blog series — which is under wraps — and it’ll be great!
  • Aimee is celebrating her first blogversary which is epic. *runs around in circles of happiness*
  • I am planning to finish Blood Thread by the middle of October, and after that I’ll be prepping for NaNo IF I decide to do it.
  • There will be several writing articles on the blog, a snippets posts, more reviews (including one of Go Set A Watchman) and all that good stuff.
  • I’m making an exciting announcement around the end of October so stay tuned!
  • Also, if I reach 500 followers on Twitter by the end of the month I’m going to host a bookish giveaway over there. Spread the word!
  • I’m doing a read-along of The Phantom Of The Opera with three of my friends. Excitement much?

All in all, September was a good, full month. It was hard…. but beautiful.

How was your September, my friends? Did you read anything incredible? DID YOU SEE AGENTS OF SHIELD OR BEYOND THE MASK? What are YOU excited for in October? *gives out many chocolate chip bags*

8 thoughts on “Monthly Recap — September // bloggy news, all the books, and pretty photos.

  1. Wait Age of Ultron is on DVD on Friday? *awkwardly notices that it’s actually already out in the UK* I must buy this immediately.
    Ahhhhh so many people have said Agents of SHIELD is amazing, but we don’t have TV 😦
    Blood Thread sounds awesome. Steampunk with a snarky black cat? I need this in my life.


  2. Oh, you blessed human being with your beach nearby! I’m trying not to be envious. I’ll just sit here and gaze longingly at the water in your pictures. For the record, I have done positively no traveling this year and it’s been bothering me a good deal lately. I haven’t gone without traveling for years and years. *deep sigh*

    Yes! I definitely want a post about “I Am Juliette”. I loved the snippets and collage in your 7-7-7 tag post. Which I still need to do…. Hmmm… Maybe, I can pull that together later today after work.

    Need to read those “around the blogosphere” posts when I have time. I really loved Emily’s “10 Tips to Stay Focused on Writing” post and Schuyler’s posts.

    Why, Annie, you mentioned me! I’m glad you’re so excited for The Series. I need to find the time to sit down and finish working it out and writing it. I’m becoming such a busy person over here.

    OOH! I cannot wait for your review of “Go Set A Watchman”! I still haven’t bought myself a copy of that so I can read it. I’ll go put that on my to do list when I have more money again. Ahem.

    Okay, now I’m all fired up and excited for October! Let’s do this thing!


  3. I’m so glad your September was a lovely one – that beach looks simply gorgeous, and I am over here drooling over it from the confines of my concrete city. 😉 Absolutely can’t wait for your posts this October, especially the Exciting Announcement (which most certainly deserves all caps) and your recap/review/post about Age of Ultron (you ARE going to be sharing your thoughts with us, no? I must hear how much you fall in love with the twins!).

    Beautiful post as always, Annie, and here’s to a wonderful October. xx


  4. I just love this monthly recap so much, dear Annie! You have shared so many wonderful thoughts and updates, I feel like treasuring each part and commenting on it all! *gathers up all the thoughts and thinks them through* 😀

    For starters, the books you read last month and are currently reading sound thrilling and wonderful! I love that there is so much Wodehouse there, and Dickens and Rowntree! (I need to read Suzannah’s shorter novellas, as I just LOVED “Pendragon’s Heir”). You need to read it, m’dear.

    Aww, the beach photos are gorgeous! While I haven’t been to a beach in a while, I’ve been down to the bay a few minutes from our home recently, and it was just LOVELY! So refreshing and health-invigorating – I had been sick late in September, and just spending time in the fresh sea-air was gloriously beautiful and made me feel so much better. Is the beach very far from you?

    Can I just say how excited I am for your new story, “Blood Thread”?! Oh my word! The premise sounds so interesting and imaginative and wonderful *hugs the idea*! I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK!!!! Also I love your collage #shallowbookworm #lovesthecatidea #steampunksoundslikefun Please, can you keep me updated on how the writing is going? *kitten eyes and begs her Samwise eagerly*

    Oooh, you watched Cinderella! *happy sigh* It’s a beautiful movie!

    I love your new knitting project, and wow, your colouring in is beautiful! Is this the Enchanted Forest colouring book by Johanna Basford? Her illustrations are amazing.

    It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to catch up with Schuyler and Emily and fellowship with them. That’s truly wonderful!

    Aww, thank you for mentioning my post, my dearest Samwise friend *happy smile* That was so sweet of you! It was a huge pile. But I should amend it by mentioning that I don’t intend to read all these books this Spring (it’s basically just a list of all the unfinished series I’ve read and want to finish sometime) – for one thing there are far too many modern Christian novels in that list to make me happy to read them all at once. Those types of books are only good in small doses, I find. But I’m thinking of doing a Spring TBR sometime. . . or maybe better, a monthly TBR ?? We’ll have to see! I also love your idea of a sort of recap or wrap-up of the month’s doings. Can I steal your idea? (I’ll definitely credit you, dearie!)

    I’m also really looking forward to your upcoming posts and reviews – Go Set a Watchman is one I am eager to read especially, and I’d love to hear more about your works-in-progress 😀

    All the love and best wishes, darling! Love you!
    Joy @


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