What Makes The Perfect Autumn TBR?


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Autumn. The nip of chilly air. Trees blushing rosy red. Dead leaves rustling like paper in the wind. The scent of bonfires and ripe, sweet apples. 

Something about the Fall season always makes my bones tingle with the longing to read, read, read — more so than usual, even.

Autumn is when I dig out mysteries and cozy novels and books that tend to run more than 400 pages long. Something about the season’s air is perfect for curling up in your warmest flannel with a novel that makes you deliciously frightened. Or sprawling out on your (quilted, soft) bedcovers with a book that keeps you breathless with laughter. And autumn breathes the feel of poetry, which means well-loved — and new — poets are in demand.

Annie’s Autumn TBR: 

The Phantom of the Opera (first read)

The Silver Branch (first read)

Behemoth (first read)

Jane of Lantern Hill (re-read)

A Tale of Two Cities (re-read)

The Wrath and the Dawn (first read)

-A few Shakespeare plays

Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times (first read)

Rebecca (first read)

Rooftoppers (first read)

Pilgrim’s Inn (first read)

-A Scarlet Pimpernel book

Fly Away Home (re-read)

Halo: Fall of Reach (re-read)

Ivanhoe (re-read)

Winter (first read)

I also plan on reading a goodish amount of Wodehouse and Agatha Christie (pretend I haven’t been doing that already). Plus G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and C.S. Lewis, and various poets. 

And since this post fits the prompt, I’m linking up to the Broke and the Bookish.

Tell me all! What makes the perfect Fall TBR for You? What books/genres will you be digging into this season? Your Go To autumnal Read? And (this is important) do you drink cider whilst reading? Eat pumpkin pie? (Aimee and Amanda, I know you two don’t. We’re still friends, though. *gives you apple pie*)

13 thoughts on “What Makes The Perfect Autumn TBR?

  1. Well, I’m going to read Phantom (with you, of course!) I’m also hoping to get to The Count of Monte Cristo, North and South, maybe some Agatha Christie…I have a bunch of series to finish as well, so maybe I’ll get to those. I have been really busy, but I’m sure I’ll do some catching up on reading during Christmas break. 🙂 I also need to read more comics. (And it’s not like I’m not reading anything, my school curriculum is very heavy with a lot of good books.)

    APPLE CIDER IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE FALL THING. That and flannel and sweaters.

    OH MY GOODNESS you mentioned me. *fangirling* and you are right, it’s not my favorite.. APPLE PIE THOUGH. and cherry pie. ❤


  2. Currently re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series (Im on book #4) and Tarzan of the Apes.

    I’ve read Ivanhoe 4 times over the last 4 years…its such a favorite!
    and a book I highly recommend…”Mara: Daughter of the Nile” I’ve read that one 6 times over the years. It’s one of those books that each time you read it, you catch something new every time. it’s a thrilling adventure story/love story.
    Pumpkin pie: yes. Cider: not so much. I’m more a tea and coffee kind of girl 🙂


  3. Ooh, your TBR sounds wonderful! Fall and Winter both have me pulling out the classics, for re-read and first read. I’m dying to finally get my hands on To Kill A Mockingbird this year, and one of Jane Austen’s novels. (Perhaps re-reading Pride & Prejudice and definitely wanting to first-read another of her books.) And I love drinking apple cider or coffee with a generous amount of pumpkin spice creamer with those books!! 🙂


  4. *devours apple pie* I need to read so many of these! Phantom of the Opera and Winter are things that have been on my list forever and ever but I’ve yet to yet to them…maybe this fall.

    You’re going to love Behemoth — it’s really incredible, and somehow better than the first one. And the illustrations are so pretty. o.o The Wrath and the Dawn is stunning, too. And allll the feelings.


  5. I’m currently on a mystery/horror kick (possibly because Halloween is just around the corner?). I’ve been devouring Gillian Flynn’s backlog, and I’m planning on diving into my Agatha Christie collection soon. And, of course, rereading my trusty Sherlock Holmes books – London autumns are the best kinds, even (especially?) if they are only lived vicariously. ❤


  6. Your Autumn TBR sounds lovely, Annie, and positively quite rich and delicious ;)! I’d love to know how you like Phantom of the Opera – I’ve heard a lot about the musical, but it never attracted my interest (the book does though).

    Yes, yes! I am so glad you’re reading “The Silver Branch” :). Ah, “Rebecca” is on my Spring TBR too – maybe we can buddy-read it together?
    I want to read Ivanhoe soon as well, but this would be a first time for me. . .

    I might try to make a Spring TBR on my blog, but there are so many options! Help! Haha 🙂


  7. My, I wish I had time for that much reading! I have some summer buys still waiting on my shelf (namely, The Choosing by Rachelle Dekker and Illusionarium by Heather Dixon). And I’ve been meaning to read a couple Mrs. Jeffries mystery books, as I’m rather far from finishing the series. As for other books…we’ll see what library trips result in! 🙂

    CIDER. YES. Pumpkin pie too, but only a small slice. (Much as I like it, I find it very filling.)

    Oh, and I’ve nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Blog Award! http://traceydyck.blogspot.ca/2015/09/the-infinity-dreams-blog-award.html It’s completely up to you whether or not you do it. ^_^

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    1. Read at lunchtime. It’s guaranteed to work. *sage nod* Ooo, I really want to read those two! Particularly Illusionarium. The title and the cover have pulled me in. Mystery books, yes. You’re doing your Fall reading right. ^_^
      I CRAVE CIDER 24/7. And ditto about the pumpkin pie. I actually have eaten leftover slices for brekker because it’s so filling. 🙂

      Aww, thank you, Tracey! I loved your post. And I’ll get to this tag in October, Lordwilling. ❤


      1. I always bring a book to work for break-time, but even then… *shakes head*
        It was Deborah @ Road of a Writer that influenced my decision to buy Illusionarium. That and the fact it’s steampunk, something of which I haven’t read enough. ^_^
        Pumpkin pie for breakfast! :O That…is definitely an idea. Minus the whipped cream.

        Thank you! ❤ Looking forward to seeing it!

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