The Girl


twenty-something child of God.

writes fantasy, speculative fiction, children’s literature, and has a thing for steampunk. tends to be guilty of hyperbole.

may be killed by her towering TBR stack someday.

fascinated with politics. 

spanish on one side & german on the other. 

the hot spanish bloodline means dramatics and the ability to roll “r’s” easily. also means being part of a lively, fiercely close, demonstrative family. 

incorrigible book-hoarder.

black coffee, peppermint tea, but especially hot chocolate.

swoons over teal, turquoise, navy. everything but pastel blue.

bemoans inability to ask wodehouse, tolkien, l.m. montgomery, sutcliff, and dickens about writing advice.

would happily chat with Stengl, Eric Nylund, and Harper Lee.

coloring is not just for little munchkins.

incurable people-watcher. beware her blunt commentary.

unabashed whovian.

haunts old book shoppes.

scared of heights. loves flying.

user of archaic words, and british grammar & spelling.

whistles all the time. is likely to come to some bad end because of this. (kudos if you understand that.)

chats with her charries. aloud.

lover of red stilettos, blue nail polish, and flannel shirts. this is not a paradox.

calls people “humans” fairly often. no idea why.

part-time nanny. full-time auntie.

will someday own a fluffy feline and baby dragon.

never turns down pizza, books, road-trips, intellectual conversations, or the opportunity to explore a Forest.

dancer in the rain. runs barefoot through grass. star-gazer. 

“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and dreamer of improbable dreams.” —> Steven Moffat

6 thoughts on “The Girl

  1. ANNIE. YOU GOT A BLOG. *throws confetti* I have been waiting so long for the reveal. Welcome to the slightly insane blogging world!

    And with this I’ve found that we are very similar. Love those shades of blue, Stengl, pizza, books, writing… *happy sigh*

    So excite to see future posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RANA.

      I’ve enjoyed your semi-lurking. 😉 I love it every time you like a post. *grin* ^_^ So happy to see you finally come out of the shadows and comment! Your thoughts on that particular post about my 2016 word meant a lot to me.

      Oooo, yay!! I will definitely be doing this. Thanks, girl! xox

      Liked by 1 person

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