Her Books

I have various novels that are:

a) percolating.

b) currently in the writing/editing stages.

Here is a glimpse of the latter:

I am Juliette

Genre: YA science fiction.

Word-count: 50,000.

Current Status: 4th draft.


Juliette wakes up one day to find herself trapped in a hibernation tube on a starship adrift in space. The robotic (and surprisingly human-like) owl that releases her appears to be the only inhabitant, along with his fellow robots. But then Juliette discovers a mysterious, mad fellow passenger.




Genre: YA science fiction.

Word-count: 10,000.

Current status: 1st draft on hold.



Blood Thread

Genre: steampunk fantasy re-telling of Sleeping Beauty.

Wordcount: 200,000 (novella).

Current Status: 2nd draft.


Once there was a snarky cat-fae (name of Tarquin) with a High Opinion of himself. He and his bird friend Prism got into all sorts of dangerous shenanigans in the city they haunted, all while trying to keep a wild, little girl from being killed by a vengeful personage before she even had the chance to grow up.

Then she did grow up.

And suddenly Tarquin finds his paws full of unexpected suitors, death warnings, mysterious intrigues, and a growing threat from an old friend.

9 thoughts on “Her Books

  1. I’m not sure why, but I got goosebumps reading these synopsises. (Synopsisi? What’s the plural form of synopsis?) I want to read these books. All of them, so much. ^_^


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