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I first learned about Snazzy Snippets from my  fantastic friend, Aimee. (check out her awesome blog, minions of mine.)

As the image so concisely sums up, it’s a bimonthly link-up hosted by Alyssa and Emily. They provided prompts which I think is smashing.

I’ll be sharing snippets from Blood Thread which I first mentioned here, and you can find out more about it on my newly updated Books page.

–> your first paragraph or 500 words <–

“I hate thread.”
The cat spat out the words like they tasted of sour milk. His whiskers bristled.

–> a snippet with food <–

He heard a cough behind him and turned to see Finnigan — still in mortal form.

“Would you like some food?” he said to Tarquin.

The cat blinked.

“Food?” he repeated, wondering if he’d heard the fae correctly.

Finnigan nodded.

“Like honey cakes,” he said. “Or sausages. Or muffins. Or hot milk. That sort of food. You could keep me company,” he finished, his voice hopeful.

–> a snippet you’re really proud of <–

(because I have issues containing my excitement, I shall share more than one.)

At two years old Imo took to following Tarquin around like she was his kitten.

“I can’t go anywhere anymore,” he complained to Prism, one day when he escaped to the tower roof. “She trails about behind me like she’s attached by a string.”
“Perhaps she can’t resist your magnetic charm?” suggested Prism.


“Who said anything about love, m’dear?” the cat purred.

“Do you want my advice?” asked Prism, fluttering to his side.
“No, thank you,” said Tarquin, and poised to leap off the roof.
“Figure out who Imo prefers and groom him accordingly.”
Tarquin permitted himself a chuckle this time.
“I’ll remember that.” He jumped down onto the barrel.
“You should,” Prism called after him.
The cat trotted away without answering.
Daft bird.


Imo was jailed for a week for kicking a gentleman because he knocked her into the noisy, chaotic street. Tarquin found the man’s house, and wedged a dead mouse into each of the stove pipes. He also left one inside the man’s bedroom slippers.


He would track the faerie down.

Scratch her beautiful face.

Drop her from a tower.

See how she liked it.


Sweet Ring of Sauron, this book is so much fun to write. ANOTHER. *cough*

9 thoughts on “Snazzy Snippets | Blood Thread

  1. OMG THESE SNIPPETS ARE TOO GOOD. ANOTHER. (We will totally be hosting Snazzy Snippets again in November, so I shall be waiting ;P) This is too much awesomeness for one post — your graphics, first of all. THEY’RE TOO PRETTY. And I can’t choose a favorite snippet either — I love all the names, and all the snark, and especially the “See how she liked it” snippet, but also every other snippet. I’m sorry, I can’t decide. This is so fabulous!

    Thanks for joining in Snazzy Snippets!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was SO lovely, Annie! If you ever publish this, I will buy it. No question. I’m already taken with your characters ❤
    "Perhaps she can't resist your magnetic charm?" *dies laughing* Too good.
    I can't wait for more =D


  3. Yes, I agree, these are really good. Love your writing style.

    BTW, I dont know if you even remember but I commented on I am Juliette sneak peak a few weeks ago, and yes, I am a whovian. I’m just really bad at comment/replying.

    But I think that’s awesome that your character is Jenna Coleman in so many ways. Usually, when I find someone who fits my character its only their face or their way of speaking that fits, never all in one.

    I’ve really been enjoying your blog. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy you like them, Mia. ^_^

      And, yes, I remember your comment. It was delightful, and I am so excited to meet another Whovian! *tacklehugs Eleven-style*

      In all honesty, this is one of the few times I’ve found an actor that fits a character perfectly in every way. I was floored. O.O Let me know if it happens to you, mkay?

      You are so sweet, Mia. Thank you!


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