fire-dancing + tintin comic books + worky-wakey-worky // #curiouswrencurrenthappenings


Currently: i am typing this at the dining room table where i am squeezed into the smallest corner possible so the Older Sister can cut out a dress (she’s sewing it for a wedding we are attending in November. EEEP). Supper is cooking on the stove–it smells heavenly–Younger sister is reading and Youngest Sister is doing something scary with the sewing scissors (i might get my fingers cut off). Mum is chatting with Older Sister, we have music blasting on our tiny portable speaker, and i have no idea what my Dad is doing… probably taking care of our chickens. it is a good evening.

Thinking: having a close-knit family is possibly the most amazing thing in the world//i adore fairytales and fairytale retellings… just so, so much. they fill a longing in my soul and i would be perfectly happy writing them for the rest of my life//this world needs more people who smile at strangers//bravery is a beautiful and rare thing//i like to dance with fire–which basically means daring to be real, and shed the mask//living in the moment is more worth it than i can express. not thinking about what i have to do in two minutes or five or a hour or a day or a year, but reveling in the small things, giving someone my full attention whenever i’m with them, listening to the birds,just being. it’s hard and i forget all the time, but it is amazing//i actually quite like the new Spiderman. i was skeptical before i watched Civil War but he’s great–AG will always be the Spiderman to me though//why do we like angsty characters so much? i’ve been pondering this for the last few weeks and methinks i am going to have to write an article about it//SNAIL MAIL IS THE BEST AND SHOULD NEVER GO EXTINCT DO YOUR PART HUMANS//children are miracles, even when they put crayons in your coffee//i really, really am fond of my job and my “people” and even though work eats up my time and i don’t get to write or blog as much, it is also helping me learn how to prioritize better and i’ve gleaned so much story fodder it’s ridiculous//

Words in my mind: i am reading Hebrews right now and these particular verses have been rolling around in my mind all day. “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” chapter 11: 6.

Listening to: banjo music because with Spanish blood from my Mum and hill-billy strains from my Dad’s side, my siblings and i adore lively music. But the Older Sister also recently found a few instrumental songs that are breathtaking. they are a must-listen, seriously, you won’t regret it: Homecoming + Compass + Men of Honor + Illumielle. And then of course there’s this one. (disclaimer: i don’t approve of much of the TSFH music, but some of it is incredible. it makes me cry, it inspires me, i love it.)

Reading: so. much. Tintin. Goodness, I love these comics. I want a Professor Calculus for a friend–actually I want all the whole jolly crew as friends. I am also sloooowly reading Isle of Fire and I just started a new Wodehouse book. I’m still seeping myself in the wonder that is Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl and I am halfway through Winter. *proceeds to fangirl over basically everything, but mostly Thorne and Cress* I have heaps of books i want to read this autumn and winter–can. not. wait. Which reminds me I need to share my Fall TBR with you all! Soon, friends, soon.

Feeling: tired, but also very excited for the future and waiting to make allll the plans and do allll the things and write alll the things, and basically, calm down Self. Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. One day at a time. #thestruggleisreal

Loving: Tintin (*cough* i feel like i am repeating myself?). pumpkin spice doughnuts//exploring the woods and following trails just because we can//random beach trips//inside jokes//being friends with my coworkers//plants that don’t require much care because apparently i have the opposite of a green thumb//foxes (they are CUTE Y’ALL)//sageuk kdramas, basically korean dramas that are set in ancient history, some of them are really good (*hugs Scarlet Heart: Ryeo*) and the costumes + culture + language + politics are fascinating. i am for sure writing a book set in ancient Korea//Captain America: Civil War–every bit as good as I hoped. I need to re-watch it now so i can review it on the blog.//lace skirts//the fact that autumn is HERE YAY.

Anticipating: all the fun, adventurous fall activities. i really want to do a corn maze this year, please and thank you//starting season 3 of All Creatures Great and Small  with the family tonight–such a cozy TV show//our church’s mission conferences coming up//taking more writing classes and researching reflexology//FALL//my newest nephew arriving, whenever he gets his act together. *wink* I need a brand-new baby to cuddle//so. many. weddings. O.O I shall be preparing all the finery and eating all the cake.//

Thankful: my family. i honestly don’t know how i would ever manage without them//sight, i’ve been thinking about blindness a lot lately and Praise Jesus, i can see//it’s fall–I love autumn very much in case you couldn’t tell//forgiveness and that God is always there to catch me when i stumble//our police force–i just want to speak to all of the good ones (which is the majority) and tell them how much I appreciate them//people who put nuts on icecream cones, bless you.

What are your Current Happenings, lovelies?

7 thoughts on “fire-dancing + tintin comic books + worky-wakey-worky // #curiouswrencurrenthappenings

  1. I agree, Andrew Garfield will always be THE Spiderman. I did find the Spiderman in Civil War to be funny though (although I thought that out of place for the movie, one of my few criticisms, that movie was AMAZING).
    Kai/Cinder were my number one. . . Scarlet and Wolf my last. Not sure how I place the other two couples.
    Fall is yarn and pumpkin and molasses and maple and spice for me.

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    1. Yes. He just acted the part so absolutely spot-on. I will forever be sad that he isn’t acting Spider-man any more. *mournful wail* Civil War’s Spider-man is pretty hilarious though–I love it when he’s fanboying over Bucky’s metal arm. So you found Spider-man’s humor out of place in the fight scenes then? I agree that it felt a bit incongruous at times. I’d love to discuss CW with you! It was AMAZING.

      I think Scarlet and Wolf would be my last too. I don’t even know why. Maybe because their relationship didn’t develop in a realistic enough manner for me? But I absolutely love Thorne and Cress + Cinder and Kai. Both of those couples are very well written. ^_^

      Oooooooo, amen to that. O.O Fall is the coziest month, methinks.


      1. My sisters and I just found Scarlet and Wolf kinda sappy, drooling, mushy gross. Also Wolf’s genetic egineering did me in at the end. Whereas, Kai is so sweet and honorable, Thorne is HILARIOUS, and Jacin is so loyal and noble.

        I watched Civil War for the first time last week. I want to watch it again. I’m still processing it. I’m team Captain (was before I saw it) all the way. I don’t know what to think of the Avenger movie coming up though. I tend to prefer the individual ones (Thor and The Amazing Spiderman being my favorites). It will be interesting to see it all tie together.

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  2. I always love your wrap-up posts. ❤ Fall is kind of nonexistent around here, but tea and pumpkin everything are very real, and autumn is definitely my favorite season =) And I SO want to see Civil War. Everyone is saying how good it is… But it's nice to see a fellow Tintin reader! Which of the stories is your favorite?


  3. Aww, thank you, Katharine. ❤ I have so much fun writing them up! TEA AND PUMPKIN ARE MARVELOUS. I am delighted to have a fellow fall fan! *high-fives* Isn't it so deliciously cozy and inspirational and nice? Oh, yes, Civil War was good, good. Have you seen any of the other Marvel films? I will say that I was disappointed that this one had so much more swearing than usual, but other than that I loved it. ^_^

    Ooo, another Tintin person! The two that come to mind at the moment are The Castafiore Emerald + Flight (insert number I can't remember) to Sydney. The stories that strongly feature the warm friendships between Tintin, Haddock, and Calculus are my favorites. What about you?


  4. Did you know that Homecoming is Crowning Heaven’s theme song? Actually all the songs you mentioned I discovered (and used) while I was first writing it, but Homecoming encapsulates it. 🙂
    Please, YES. Share your TBR!!
    And I’m so glad that you liked Civil War! It was so good, wasn’t it? What was your favorite part?


  5. I HAD NO IDEA. It’s perfect, Emily! *needs a moment to listen to said song and squeal and fangirl*

    Okay, I’m back. And, yes, I will definitely be sharing my TBR sometime in October! I’m really looking forward to attacking the list I’ve complied. *whispers* Jane Eyre is on it.

    Oh, Civil War was so good. I’m not even sure where to begin, but it did everything I hoped it would (well, nearly). I’m not sure if I could pick any favorite scenes yet. O.O How about you, dear?


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