of stardust and sea-spray 


currently: roadtripping//headed to a special cottage/cabin for our family holiday//alllll of us siblings are going, plus the nieces and nephew//hence i am ALL THE EXCITEMENT WHAT HO.

thinking: about this article… i am ninety percent sure that one of my books fits in the psycho-horror thriller genre. it helps me develop and explore the particular redemptive theme better, methinks//allegories are a wonderful thing//i will never tire of people-watching//someday i’ll learn violin and play it on a mountaintop//life is hard, life is rough, but when i choose to revel in the little things, when i remember how much i am Loved, life is gloriously good//people really are just the same the world over–same hopes, same fears, same dreams, same pitfalls, same need for Jesus//one of these days i want to write a novel that puts vampires back in their proper place of horrific, non-glamorized beings (think Dracula). they’re more to be pitied and avoided, than swooned over//the workings of a human’s mind will never cease to fascinate me… we are so complex and yet we are nothing compared to the vastness and simultaneous simplicity of our Creator//the “duty of care” is heartbreaking//if i could choose a superpower i would love something fast, like flying//nutella is LIFE.

listening to: many songs that are road trip perfection, but at the moment this makes my heart glad. plus a goodish amount of murray gold, hans zimmer and various lyrical musicaks//nothing like singing along at the top of your lungs to Mary Poppins songs. ^_^

reading: Third Girl by agatha christie is on my lap//there’s a wodehouse book on the car dash//and a plethora of novels for this week in our book bag//in case you’re curious, here is the list:

A Tangled Web (montgomery). Inkheart. Dracula. Halo: Fall of Reach (eric nylund). Isle of Swords. Several wodehouse and agatha christie. Jackaby.

feeling: torn between elated, content, and please-just-let-me-sleep-before-i-lose-what-little-sanity-remains.

loving: triple chocolate chip cookies//my littlest niece’s squeals of delight//when the Older Sister communicates via walkie-talkie with our brother in his car ahead from us (“Honey Pot to Rubber Duck, do you read me?”)//birch trees like so many maiden dryads//the words stardust and sea-spray//owl charms on key-chains//

thankful for: being alive//a family that’s my support group + besties + confidantes + all-around epic humans//my hands–just sliced my thumb yesterday so, goodness, i am grateful that i usually have full use of my fingers//air-conditioner//unexpected intrusions of beauty//the warm, safe knowledge that my Saviour is always with me… no matter how far from home i am//spring-time.

13 thoughts on “of stardust and sea-spray 

  1. Lovely portrait of your day, I really enjoyed reading about it!
    I relate to so much of this. it’s good to see that I’m not the only one who longs to play violin on mountaintops!


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it! I had a lot of fun sharing it. ^_^ Ooo, and it’s lovely to know that I’m not the only one either! Can you just imagine how amazing it would be to play a violin on a mountaintop or on the seaside? Perfection much.


    1. I LOVED Jackaby. O.O I seriously need to have a good, fangirlish chat with you about it, Jaime. And I think Isle of Swords might just be my favorite Batson novel now.

      ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Loved reading this. ^_^ Isle of Swords! Eep! Wayne Thomas Batson was my writing hero in middle school. He inspired me to get into fantasy novels. 🙂

    I love the phrase “birch trees like so many maiden dryads.”

    And oh, that Piano Guys song you linked to gave me goosebumps. That kind of music… inexplicably, it reminds me why I am alive, why I write stories. I needed that this morning. Thank you for sharing. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, goodness, I love Isle of Swords so much. I think it’s my favorite Batson novel now. O.O Aww, that’s so special! Have you read his newest series: Dreamtreaders? Also Isle of Fire has a sequel!! It is called Isle of Stars and was published just this March, but it goes along with Dreamtreaders (my younger sister said) so you kind of have to read that first to get the full gist, methinks. 🙂

      Thank you! It felt deliciously Montgomery-esque to me. ^_^

      Just… YES. I’m so glad I shared it then. <333

      Your comments never fail to give me warm fuzzies, Brianna.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t read any Batson in a while… I really haven’t been following him! (Failed fan, I am!) Oh, I didn’t know the sequel was out!! :O Okay, I must read Dreamtreaders and Isle of Stars, then. *hastens to add to Goodreads and gives high rankings*

        Your posts never fail to give me warm fuzzies. ^_^ ^_^


  3. This post is all kinds of lovely, my dear Samwise. ❤ You don't know just how excited I am to read a new post on your blog – you write beautifully, m'dear!

    I hope you're having a beautiful time on your family holiday trip! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it :D.

    Miss you heaps, darling! ❤ Message me soon, okay? 🙂
    P.S. I've been obsessing over Murray Gold's music this year so much – gah, so good!


  4. Aww, yay, my sweet Samwise! ❤ That's exactly how I feel every time I see a new post on your blog too — gives me a warm, excited feeling. ^.^ Thank you, love.

    It was delightful! I read copious amounts and climbed the huge breaker rocks on the seaside… good times. I'll email you, right ho?

    I MISS MY GOOSEY TOO. *hugs* Yes, for sure.

    P.S. Oh, I know. *said in Eleven's voice* His music is phenomenal. And the scope! Everything from sad to jolly to bittersweet to creepy — I am constantly floored by his talent.

    Liked by 1 person

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