Monthly Recap — January // in which I read little and nearly forgot what my family looked like (I kid)

Jan Recap 1 (edited)

I started January thinking, “This month will be a quiet month, a gentle month, a month of dedicated editing and digging into books. This month I shall be a hermit and all I shall do is edit and read.”

Oh, poor, wishful, deluded Annie.

Basically by the end of the month I strongly echoed the Doctor.


Curious Wren Bloggy Stuffage

All things bookish

My reading in January (or rather, lack thereof) is utterly scandalous. Scandalous, I tell you! I finished a grand total of– *gulp* two books. *hides behind door* I think that is the worst record I have ever had. In my defense I did read regularly — I just didn’t finish much. Wodehouse’s short stories kept me happy most of the month, Jill the Reckless was rife with humor (“This woman always made Freddie feel as if he were being disemboweled by some clumsy amateur.”) and I finally read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for the first time and, humans, it. is. wonderful. pun sorta intended 

I treated myself to this gorgeous copy at a rare Barnes and Noble trip and I fully intend to read it to my children someday.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

All the rest of my reading time this month was (still is) devoted to Crowning Heaven, a planetary fantasy I am beta-reading for Emily and, let me tell you, peoples, if you love fantasy: you will want to squish this book close and gloat over it.


In other news, I attended my first library book sale last week. Twas glorious. I nearly got trampled, but everybody was so nice and friendly (bookworms are just lovely humans, aren’t we?). People recommended authors to me, I chatted with old ladies about mysteries and life and all that good stuff; lost my sister and Mum multiple times in the crowd and tracked down every good book I could. We came away with full boxes. Most of my 20 books were research for writing and whatnot, but I found a copy of Behemoth which makes me happy. Now I just have to read it.

All things writish

Barely anything writish went down this month, unlike I had originally intended. Lots of planning and brainstorming and plotsing, but not much actual writing. Which was rough because I started to feel stressed and I missed my charries terribly, but on the whole I think my impromptu break was good for me. Especially after the mad insanity of finishing Blood Thread. I might not have put many words down on paper, but I lived. January rejuvenated my inspiration and mind, and I long to pour all my energy into edits this month. It’ll be grand.

Also, after reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland I am SWARMED with ideas for retellings. HALP ME FEND OFF THE PLOT BUNNIES.

Life Glimpses

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post January was madly busy.


I was home only 11 days last month, those were interspersed throughout January, and as a people-loving human who needs her darlings around her, it was rough. But, despite hardly being home and not getting any editing done whatsoever, it was a good month.

My nephew was born in the very first week of January and he is a snuggly bundle of cuteness that I will never tire of holding. Unless, of course, I faint from the adorable. That is a possibility. o.o

(this Tiny Human waited anxiously for her baby brother to finish being born) 

The week after the Cutest Nephew Ever was born my older sister Holly and I had the opportunity to house-sit for friends. We were gone for more than a week and it was amazing. Their house is many-leveled and posh and I read and worked on my blog lots and watched the entirety of Once Upon A Time season 4 with Holly. We went to a bookstore with escalators and I rode them and felt like a levitating superhero. Or a majestic Queen.

(Holly likes to take pictures like this and send them to me. She’s awesome like that.)

And talking about books (we weren’t, but pretend we were) I started Winter while we were house-sitting and, Sweet TARDIS of Gallifrey, I really love this crazy crew of charries. I forgot how precious Thorne and Cress are. shippinggggg

(I am a huge fan of scribbling in inspiration journals between people-watching and eating at restaurants.)

// all things bright //

  • Joy and I have been soul-friends for almost four years now and finally, finally we had the chance to talk face-to-face. We skyped twice and chatted for hours about everything imaginable. (love you, goosie!)
  • I have a laptop! This is huge news, humans. To make a long story short, I’ve been praying for months for the funds to buy one, and then a friend of mine gave me her little-used college laptop because she felt she needed to. It is new-ish and beautiful and I still can’t quite believe it’s mine. Having it is a tremendous answer to prayer. I still cry when I think about that reminder of just how much God cares about even the little things. *gets all teary again*
  • I got to spend four days with six of my favorite children on the planet. They’re such darlings, and I couldn’t love being a part-time nanny more.
  • Guess what? I have a kitten! At last. (#AilurophileAllTheWay) She loves people with all the love, and is precious and warm and soft. I call her Leia.


  • pillow fights. trips to bookstores. telling stories to eager, listening children. long talks with friends about all things writerly. deep discussions. small-ish roadtrips. mint shakes. piping hot chai tea. sherbet. spine-tingling emotional songs. romping with a friendly golden retriever. halo parties and candy fights. escalator rides. fairytale books. snuggling a brand-new baby. basking in the glow of a Christmas tree.

Around Cyberspace

all the fandoms

(unabashed fangirling ahead. feel free to skip this if you wish)

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post my older sister and I watched Once Upon A Time season four last month. Excuse me while I howl in the corner.


This season gave me so many feels.



And that finale. O.O


I was thrilled by the unexpected, new addition of Will Scarlet. He is hilarious.


And let’s take a minute to appreciate how lovable and awkward and spot-on Anna’s character is?


Sometime I want to write up a post about this TV show since there’s so many things I love about it, but things I disagree with too. Needless to say, I am on pins and needles for season five.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was every bit as amazing and gripping as I expected it to be. More so even, with plot twists I didn’t see coming, great fight scenes, nerve-racking stunts and a female character who is so much more than just eye candy or a plot device. I really want to review this on Curious Wren soon-ish. Also it was refreshingly clean with only a few swear words and one tiny scene. And can I just mention how much I love the Ethan Hunt’s character? And BENJI. Actually just everyone.


Agent Carter season two started airing in January. YAY. My family never, ever watches TV shows while they air so it tells you how much we like Marvel that we’re willing to spend our Tuesday evenings watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter. Once the first episode of season two started up I basically went all fangirly a la Jemma Simmons.


And watching it reminded me all over again how much I love Peggy and Jarvis as a team. Because hilarity and camaraderie and I’ve-got-your-back and general British awesomeness happening. I’m also very curious to see where Thompson’s character is headed. I’m getting hints of inner conflict already and I could see his character having a great story arc. Let’s hope it doesn’t go south. We don’t need another Maniac Grant Ward in the Marvel TV show family.

Looking Ahead

  • I am starting a new blog series along the theme of my word for the year — brave. The first post should be up sometime this month.
  • During February I’ll be editing the fourth draft of I am Juliette intensively. Which is thrilling and terrifying.
  • Plus, working on college stuffage which is also thrilling and terrifying.
  • I’m nearly done beta-reading Crowning Heaven, and then it’s on to finish beta-reading Emergence by Brianna. Both books are fantasy, albeit two very different kinds and I. love. them.

How was your January, lovelies? What are you looking forward to this month? Have you seen any of Agent Carter or the others? Any fantastic books you discovered last month? LET US CHAT. *gives out baby griffins*


13 thoughts on “Monthly Recap — January // in which I read little and nearly forgot what my family looked like (I kid)

  1. Ahhh… It sounds like you had a crazy-awesome month, dear!! 🙂 Mine was quite busy as well. (My go-to lame excuse for not posting much this month–at all. lol!) I did draft some blog posts, did some school reading, & got a job! So, yay for life-productivity!
    And btw, girl, your pictures are lovely!! Are you on Instagram? *wants to see more pretty pictures from Annie* ❤

    Lovely post, darling! I hope February holds many more blessings for you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Emphasis on the crazy. 😉 Looking forward to reading those blog posts, dear! Oooo, a job! That’s splendid. What is it, may I ask? 🙂

      Aww, thanks. ^_^ And yes, I do! What’s your username?

      You’re so sweet, Hanna. Same to you, girly!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am working as a sort of secretary’s assistant at a contracting office! My grandparents own the business, so it’s nice to be able to work with family!! 🙂

        I just set up a bookstagram today actually! It’s @plottingertwist… I followed so many of my blogging-buddies, and it was all getting mixed up with personal pics, so I figured it was time to make a separate one! lol! 😀


  2. Oooh, laptops are lovely. :3 Congrats! 😀 And house-sitting looks really relaxing and much free time. o.o

    I started my last three college course this month. o.o I’ll be done in March for good. ^_^ For one course I’m writing a Christian fantasy “short” story as part of the final paper, and it’s so much fun and I love my darling MC. X3 I’m really looking forward to the climax and things too. :3

    I discovered K.M. Weiland’s book Storming, but I think I discovered it in December. But it’s amazing and I need to finish it. O_O


    1. Yes, I am so, so happy to have it. O.O The house-sitting was delightful — I had an amazing time.

      That’s so exciting, Olivia! What specifically are you studying? Oh, goodness, writing a short story as part of college. Talk about fun. =D I’m intrigued to know what it’s about.



      1. Awesome. 😀 ^_^

        I’m going to major in English. 😀 One course is one on three of Jane Austen’s novels, another on non-Western literature, and the third is a Capstone paper, which is where the story will go. 😀
        I can tell you. :3 The story follows Prince Saol’s exile from his kingdom, when his brother and king disobeys God’s command never to open a book of magic. Saol sets out to find the warriors of God to help him rid his own kingdom of the villain who persuaded his brother to disobey. But Saol’s kingdom has now been made to worship idols, which will pose problems to Saol’s winning it back. I expect many feels, and I’m kind of excited. XD




    Anyways, I haven’t finished reading this yet, but the post looks lovely, and when I saw that picture I was SO EXCITED.


  4. Two to three books per month is my average, so don’t feel bad! Also, HOORAY FOR LIBRARY SALES! I’m so glad you got to experience that wonderfulness. Your kitten is beautiful. She doesn’t even look real (she also has a rather mischievous look in those gorgeous blue eyes…).

    I hope the editing goes well!


  5. I just want to emphasise how very delighted I am that you (finally!!) read Alice. Isn’t it just wonderful and magical and hopeful all at once? And I am really so happy that you chose that particular quote to showcase. 😉 Also: CONGRATULATIONS on the new nephew + the new kitty, both equally exciting developments! It sounds like your January was busy & beautiful, and here’s to an even better February. xxx


  6. *is guiltily getting caught up on your blog* xD

    I really enjoyed reading this post. ^_^ Congratulations on… oh, so many things! The new nephew, the laptop (I fully understand how much of an answer to prayer that can be!!), and the kitten. She is adorable!! ❤

    *opens many tabs from this blog post* Now I have some blog posts and books to check out… ^_^


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