Introducing Of Bleeding Pens and Pages // interview with Zac Tyson

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I have a special treat for you, cyberspacelings! Today fellow writer and bookworm Zac is launching his blog and I am honored to be hosting him here on Curious Wren with a jolly interview in which we discuss dragons, favorite books, Halo fanfiction, epic characters and more! Read on, my friends.


(my comments will be in italics)

1. Welcome, Zac! I’m thrilled to be interviewing you here on Curious Wren — and extra thrilled about your blog launch! To start off, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hobbies? Tea or coffee or neither? Favorite cozy reads? Ideal writing day? Dragons or superheroes? TELL US ALLL.

I’m thrilled to be here (and thanks)! 🙂 Well, I’m a follower of Christ first and foremost, a writer next, a book hoarder, music junkie, spastic extrovert, general smart-aleck, and traveler of worlds. I’m 18 (adulthood! WOOHOO! *bites nails*), homeschooled, obsessed with YA, and future child psychologist!
As for hobbies, I enjoy photography, archery, some swordplay, and playing with kids.
 Coffee all the way! What is life without coffee? I have yet to find the answer.
When I need a cozy read, I usually turn to MG! I love whimsy, simple stories that please my inner child. 🙂
Ideal writing day? That’s a thing? Oh. *shifty eyes* I suppose I’d just lock myself in my room, surrounded by all my books, and write from sunrise to sunset without interruption. Just me and my precious characters to torture. Err–what? Hey, what’s that over there! *runs away from concerned glares*
DRAGONS. DRAGONS ANY DAY. (You and me both, Zac!)
 I’ve had a strange obsession with the fantastic creatures since I was just a hatchling. But hey, superheroes are pretty rad too. (Though let’s face it, superhero or not, you’re gonna melt if blasted by fire breath. Just sayin’.)
2. When did you realize your love for Story? Who or what prompted you to pursue writing seriously? 

I sadly can’t place the moment of realization of my love for story. *cringes* One day I was just playing Halo: Reach (HALO, ANNIE, HALO!!!) and decided I wanted to write a fan-fic of the Spartans–my own spin on them. The 9ish page story will never, ever, EVER see the light of day, hopefully (as long as I have a say about it), but after that, I just always loved writing. I never stopped, and I’m thankful no one tried to stop me–though I would’ve loved to see someone try! 😉 I was about 11 or 12 at that time, so I’ve been writing, crafting stories, and playing with words for about 6 years now!
(Excuse me while I take a moment to fangirl because HALO.)

3. Are you currently working on a book that you can share about spoiler-free? What genre(s) do you prefer? And do you have a favorite “mode” of writing, e.g. first person, past tense?

I am currently jumping between three projects right now (a YA epic fantasy, a YA alternate reality/time travel romance, and a MG space adventure) but I can’t say I have anything shareable from any of them currently! Sorry. >.<
I write strictly speculative fiction–fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, steampunk, though I have so many different settings and worlds for each story! (all those genres are favorites of mine so I am pleased beyond measure about this. ^_^)
I’ve written in many “modes” but I usually prefer first-person past tense, and third-person past tense.
4. Share with us about your current favorite movies, TV shows, and books. (Clearly, I am digging for recommendations. *grin*)

Wow. You are in for quite the answer! 😉
My favorite movies, without a doubt and ALL OF FOREVER, are the LOTR movies. *meaningful sigh* Oh, my heart. I marathon them two or three times every year! They are the only movies that truly make me hurt, rejoice, cheer, cry, and belt out my war howl every time I watch them. I feel like every time I start a marathon, I’m watching them for the first time again. That’s how obsessed I am with this series. I also enjoy the Hobbit trilogy, Star Wars, anything and all things Marvel, The Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hunger Games series, and lots more!
As for TV shows, Lost (!!) ranks as my favorite, then, in no particular order, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Revolution, Arrow, The 100, The Flash, Once Upon a Time, NCIS: LA, Leverage, Hawaii Five-O (the new one!), Person of Interest, and Psych. I’m wanting to get into Doctor Who! I also enjoyed the premiers of The Shannara Chronicles and Legends of Tomorrow. (Oh, you want to get into Doctor Who, do you? *rubs hands together gleefully* 
As for books…don’t even get me started. I won’t ever stop. My two favorite reads last year were Storm Siren by Mary Weber and A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes! Start with those, then you can make your way back to me. *grin*
5. If you could go on a road trip with several charries of your choice (dead or alive) whom would you choose?

Ooh, this sounds fun! Are we doing my own characters? (I hope we are, because that’s who I’m picking…) I’d take Kaelan, the protagonist from my YA epic fantasy These the Restorers, for her passionate soul, free spirit and loose tongue, Top and Lissy from my MG sci-fi Evernight because they’re just crazy, gutsy kids, and Nellie from my YA time-travel romance, because she’s quiet and whimsical and sees the world differently but in a beautiful way. 🙂 I’d also take Nym from Storm Siren, R2-D2 and BB-8, and Jack Sparrow (cuz Sparrow).
6. What books have made you cry? If none, are there any that almost brought the tears to your eyes? 

No books have ever made me cry, which is strange because I’m an emotional and expressive creature, but hardly anything will bring me to tears. But books that have brought me close to tears would have to be Storm Siren by Mary Weber (mention #3), A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes, the River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren, the Angel Eyes trilogy by Shannon Dittemore, and the Hidden Masterpiece series by Kristy Cambron.
7. What are four books you think everyone should read? 

Storm Siren (that’d be #4…), A Time to Die, Angel Eyes, Demon: A Memoir.
8. What kinds of stories and characters delight you the most? 

Anything speculative fiction! I devour anything fantasy, sci-fi, or supernatural.
9. Share with us a few gorgeous words that give you a happy, shivery feeling when you see them.

 One of my all-time favorite quotes is “I will not say, do not weep, for not all tears are an evil.” -Gandalf. Yeah. That one always gets me. The Wizard has some knockers! Anything Tolkien said was magic, and I like some of C.S. Lewis’ stuff too.
 10. How does your Christian faith affect your purpose as a writer? 

 My faith affects everything I do in my life. It influences every move I make. It floods from my soul. That said, my stories aren’t strictly religious. They’re more mainstream just by glance. But anyone that shares my faith can easily pick up on the influences, the subtleties, and the hints in my stories.
11. What characterizes your writing style? 

 My writing style is unique to me in a way I can’t quite describe. A lot of times in life, we don’t share our voice enough–this is true of me–so my style is characterized by that, I think. It’s when I get to speak freely, to share my voice. And it enthralls me!
12. If you could own any mythical creature as a pet, what would you choose? 

 13. Do you have any strange pet peeves or personal quirks?

 Umm…I’m slightly claustrophobic. I hate disciplining children (when I’m babysitting). I just hate that look they give me. *shivers* I have an irrational obsession with peanut butter. I flail a lot. I’m usually quiet, but always crazy. I prefer to be with my writer friends more than regular humans (yes, I said that). I hate polka music and mariachi bands with a burning passion. I sniff my books a lot.
14. And lastly, what is your hope and aspiration for Of Bleeding Pens and Pages?

 For readers and writers alike to come together, away from the outside world, and be as bookish and nerdy as they like. To dive into living pages of story. To bleed worlds from their hearts through their pens. To encourage, to love, to inspire, to be encouraged, to be loved, to be inspired. To gather as one and be one through books and story. 🙂
(I love the sound of that, and I look forward to seeing what you have to share with us!)

And there you have it, friends! Now head on over to Of Bleeding Pens and Pages  and make sure to tell Zac how much you love his fantastic new site, and enter the giveaway!

7 thoughts on “Introducing Of Bleeding Pens and Pages // interview with Zac Tyson

    Sniffing books…hehe!! I’m going to be giggling about that one for a while…
    Zac: there are some things writers/readers do not say out loud! How we obsessively sniff books is one of them. As is that comment about writers vs. regular people… *shakes head* 😉


  2. Hi, new friend. I like dragons so… What if I (not saying I am, not saying I’m not) were a superhero dragon? Then would I get my face melted off? I could be a superhero who turns into a dragon!

    Also: FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE HOW HAS READ STORM SIREN. Bless you, laddie. (yes, LOTR reference there too.)

    & Arrow & the Flash & Legends of Tomorrow (& yes, you should watch Doctor Who bc then you’re experience with Legends will be so much better too). & River of Time & well..

    hello, new friend. I’m glad to meet you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think I found my new writing friend. Like seriously, archery, writing, God, reading, dragons, Jack Sparrow… etc. Could we be anymore alike? Except the babysititng part, I detest that. 🙂


  4. I enjoyed this interview SO. MUCH. Zac, I can identify with so much that you said here – particularly about Lord of the Rings!! ^_^ I can tell you and I have many similar tastes. Which just means, you have good taste. ;D xD


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