//a dash of sunlight


There exists this lovely human called Rachel and she has a lovely home of virtualness which somehow I HAD NOT DISCOVERED UNTIL NOW (do not follow my bad example, friends). Said lovely human Rachel tagged me in the sunshine blogger award which warmed the cockles of my heart because:

a) that was just so sweet of her.

b) I adore happy, sunshiny stuffage.

The rules state that I share seven random facts about myself and since I tend to chat books and writing on Curious Wren more than I do life, I thought this was a splendid opportunity to let you all know a little bit more about me.

Pull up a cushion/chair/throne and get comfortable. There is fresh gingerbread hot from the oven.

  1. Music is one of my greatest loves. However, unless I’m doing a special in church, singing around other people makes me self-conscious. And I am a firm believer that music and work go together. Hence I whistle. All the time. Wherever I am. I once almost started whistling in the library which we all know is taboo. And let’s not mention that time in church….
  2. For those of you who know about the Four Personalities, I am a Sanguine-Choleric with a dash of Melancholy. Also I am an ESFP.
  3. I can not properly type. As a writer this is most mortifying and inconvenient. I plan to change that this year. Typing programs, beware.
  4. My primary love language is Touch. I love hugs. I really, really, really love hugs. If I go a day without at least one good hug I feel forlorn and like a Very Sad Wren.
  5. We didn’t own a TV until I was about ten so my siblings and I grew up basically living outdoors.Think tree forts and splashing in puddles and rope swings and bikes and Buried Treasure and sitting on our roof reading books and cloud-watching and drinking from a hose and always going barefoot — I had an incredible childhood.
  6. I want to learn martial arts in the worst way. One of these days I fully intend to fulfill that wish. Until then I try to satisfy my soul with all the awesome action films. yes I re-watch fight scenes.
  7. I am very passionate about politics, my country, and my freedoms as an American. Outspoken about it too. My twitter account is a bit fiery at times. *wry grin*
  8. (and one more because I prefer even numbers) Apparently I have a very distinctive gait. I do not glide. I trot or bounce along. My brother informed me that I walk like I’m fresh from zero gravity. I’m not sure why that pleases me so much. (*cough*Halofangirl*cough*)

And there you are, lovelies! Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award
  2. Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog.
  3. Share 7 facts or things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

My nominees are….

Joy from Fullness of Joy (she is just a sweet darling.)

Ana of Butterflies of the Imagination (she is as lovely as her blog name.)

Schuyler of My Lady Bibliophile (skilled writer, better friend.)

Katie Grace from A Writer’s Faith (her blog is one of favorites. Also, she shares my love of pizza and books and writing so there’s that.)

Rachel of Silver Mess (only just discovered her place and I am loving it!)

Have fun, peeps! *vanishes in a flash of bright sunlight*


13 thoughts on “//a dash of sunlight

  1. Annie!! I’m an ESFP too, and I absolutely love hugs. ^_^ You’re the first person I’ve met with the same personality type. O_o

    I really liked this tag. ^_^ You always have lovely posts.


  2. Your childhood sounds absolutely amazing, Annie. 😉
    I love music, as well, and can play the piano and did dabble in the flute for about a year… but my voice is just awful. I don’t like to disturb people with the horror that can come from my throat. And as much as I would like to, I can’t whistle. I just can’t seem to get the knack! Oh and poor typers unite! I really need to learn… soon! … as an author it is the most unbearable thing. And a tad embarrassing, too, so I need to get on that. 🙂 Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was pretty incredible. ^_^ And I miss it so much!

      Oh, that’s so lovely that you play piano! I am learning, but my skill is poor. Aww, I hope you can learn to whistle sometime. It’s great for when you want to make music, but not sing. I wonder if it’s something that’s easier to learn as a child? My brothers taught me when I was about five or six…

      I AM NOT ALONE. We should keep tabs on each other this year so we both can conquer typing. *nods* What do you think, m’dear? 🙂


  3. Oh I love music too, and I may be somewhat addicted… Whether I’m singing with my siblings, listening to my favorite songs, or playing the piano or cello, I love it all!
    Your childhood sounds a lot like ours was! Our dad worked at home, and he was always making phone calls, so we were sent out side, it was a pretty great life. 😀
    I really love your posts, by the way. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree — music is addicting. In the best way possible. 🙂 Ooo, you play piano and cello! That’s wonderful. I’m learning piano, and I’d love to learn cello someday. Which is your favorite?

      A childhood outdoors is the best, I think. ^_^

      Aww, thank you so much., Hannah! So glad. =D

      P.S. I just checked out your website, and, girl, your art is gorgeous. O.O


  4. Thanks for all that being shared. And my input, or maybe it will be a vote, for how it is you have that bounce in your step: you have that going barefoot that you might have done as much of to give you wonderful foot muscles in your soles, and they are up to that. The more exercise they get, the more they will do for you. But it seems you might really know that. Wearing footwear doesn’t permit that essential exercise, some can envy all that opportunity you had for it through what might, hopefully, have been much of your younger life.


      1. I am glad to hear you have that perspective, and I have experience for that too. I will just say further that there is information online for it, such as with looking up barefoot health.


  5. Oh, this post was so sunshiney and happy and I LOVE IT. Thank you for tagging me and for the nice compliment, Annie. Your childhood sounds just like mine. We’ve owned a TV for my whole life, but we had very few channels, and we still might not. I don’t even know because I still don’t watch TV much. So basically I grew up mainly watching movies on the TV and spending the rest of the time reading books and playing outside. My brother and I would play outside all the time. We especially loved catching tadpoles and shrimp and crawfish and tiny fish and snails and riding our bikes and playing catch and two player versions of tag. Being outside half the time and reading the other half is honestly the best way to spend your childhood. I still love doing this during the summer when I don’t have any schoolwork to keep me busy and stuck inside.

    I think that even though the Internet and personal electronics have become so much more prevalent in the past few years, I’m going to withhold these things from my future kids or at least allow very limited time. Instead, I want to raise kids that love to have little adventures outside and then go inside and read physical books to have more adventures. As much as I love technology, that seems to me to be a lot better for little minds than staring at screens all day.

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