Winner of Best Character // 2015 Blogger Awards

And it’s time to announce the winner of Best Character! Thank you so much to everyone who entered nominations back in October — you all have excellent taste. ^_^ And, of course, thank you to the authors for creating such amazing Book People.

Honestly, characters make or break a book for me. It can have an almost non-existent plot, but if the writing is good and the characters capture my heart and run away with it? Well, that book automatically jumps onto my favorites list.

Weighing each of the finalists in the balance and choosing the best out of all of them was hard. When you have three such incredible characters, the choice is not going to be easy.

JACE has to be my favorite character in the Ilyon Chronicles so far. He is a half-breed who used to be a slave and gladiator and he still struggles with the trauma of his scarring past, and the rejection of others because of his bloodline. It’s gut-wrenching and convicting to see his refusal to deny his faith, despite his deep fear that he may not even have a soul. He challenges me not to give up on the things that matter, no matter how hard the struggle might be.

ISIDORE believes herself unlovable, ugly, and left-out and her pain becomes so strong that she hurts even those trying to help her. She is a girl whose heart is splintered more with every blow it takes, and who draws the bleeding shards close to herself and away from others, believing that will keep her safe. Her story is one many can relate to, and seeing how her heart mended and opened to welcome others in was so beautiful it moved me to tears.

PERCEVAL as one of the Knights of the Round Table has an adventurous and demanding life. His evolution from a merry-hearted, untried youth to a mature, wise man is one of the best parts of Pendragon’s Heir. He is flawed, and impetuous which only makes him more realistic.

And the winner is…


His character embodies everything a hero ought to be, and yet he is still believably human with his own faults and temptations. There is a bright, clear essence about Perceval’s steel-true integrity that is wonderfully refreshing. I wish there were more heroes like him in modern day literature.

*much applause and confetti*

I highly recommend you add all three of these fantastic books to your TBR.

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(I do apologize for the lateness of this post. Two words: unreliable technology.)

6 thoughts on “Winner of Best Character // 2015 Blogger Awards

  1. I haven’t read A Wish made of Glass, but having to choose between Jace and Perceval . . . my! I don’t envy you! I do think you made a great choice, though. Perceval is awesome and pretty much my favorite part of Pendragon’s Heir.

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