“A few of my favorite things…” // Twelve Days of Christmas Countdown

My friend Hannah had this clever idea to create a taggy thing to celebrate Christmas and get in the spirit of happiness and good-will — or more in the spirit if you happen to already be there! And she tagged me because she’s sweet like that. And so did Olivia. They both deserve chocolate chips, methinks. 


Answer prompts with the wintery/Christmassy theme in mind.

Tag at least 5 of your blogger-buddies to take part.

Use the title picture I provided above.

Spread the love around!


1.) Favorite “snuggle weather” Books

The Wind in the Willows is, hands down, the best “snuggle weather” in the history of ever. Also,

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Actually, all of the Chronicles of Narnia.

— The Borrowers.

— A Christmas Carol. 

— The Hobbit.

— Jane of Lantern Hill.

— Little Women. 

And basically any mystery by Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or G.K. Chesterton.

2.) Favorite wintery/Christmassy Snacks

Gingerbread and milk. Frosted sugar cookies. Candied nuts. Chocolate. Oreo truffles. I shared some recipes yesterday.


3.) Favorite Hot Drinks


4.) Favorite Christmas Movies

I chatted about that on Monday.

5.) Favorite holiday Songs

*sings Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs* 

I’m actually going to share a post about my favorite Christmas music next week! Complete with linkys. ^_^ 

6.) Favorite “snow day” Crafts 

I knit allll the things. And make paper snowflakes very badly. 

 7.) Do you wanna build a snowman?

I would love to… IF THERE WAS ACTUALLY SNOW. *mournful wail*

Tagging these lovelies: 

Joy @ Fullness of Joy | Hanne-col @ Ain’t We Got Fun Serena @ Poetree | Savannah @ A Scattering of Light | Lydia @ Lydia Carns
Have a jolly day, humans! 

4 thoughts on ““A few of my favorite things…” // Twelve Days of Christmas Countdown

  1. This is a wonderful idea– thank you for tagging me! Now I don’t have to come up with my own Christmasy post right away. *grins*


  2. Mmmm… I’ve been drinking hot chocolate and eating Christmas cookies almost every evening this week! 🙂 (Probably not the best idea, health-wise, but shhhh.) And goodness, I started teaching myself to knit back in October and then got distracted by this wee little thing called NaNoWriMo… and I haven’t picked it back up since! I really should work on it again.

    Thank you for tagging me! This is such a fun little Christmassy tag — I might not have time to do it, though. 😦


  3. Oooh, I love this tag, Annie, and thank you so much for tagging me, girly! ❤ *huggles*

    Firstly, YES to Narnia and The Hobbit and a Christmas Carol, and Sherlock Holmes for cozy December reads (I have "Willows at Christmas" and Agatha Christie's Christmas stories on my December TBR too ^_^) – they're just perfect.

    I love hot chocolate, and am drinking it even in summer – pttff! 😉
    My favourite carol. . . oh hey, I'll do the tag and then you'll get to find out!!
    Hmm, it's not snowing here either. #ohdear
    Lovely post, Annie.


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