Story Visuals // a Pinterest storyboard party

I am joining in a party extremely late — this seems to happen quite often. Clearly I need to rethink my life choices.

Said party is hosted by a talented friend, Elisabeth, and is for the sole purpose of “oohing” and “ahhing” over each other’s inspirational storyboards on that alternate blessing/bane of our existence called Pinterest. Check out the party post, my friends, and join in!

The first board I’m sharing is for my precious baby, I am Juliette. It’s a science fiction re-telling of Beauty and the Beast, and it’s one of my favorite stories of all time. Trapped prisoners, robotic birds, spacey-wacey stuffage and plenty of feels… I love it all. My favorite photos on here have to be the quotes since each one fits the story so perfectly, and the pictures of Jenna Coleman since she is spot-on as Juliette. I’m going to be editing the fourth draft come January.

I am Juliette

My board for Witchling is still very new. Currently it’s all inspiration for the Witchling and not a lot of visual for the story, but I am having fun slowly piecing things together.


Alicia is my favorite storyboard; it almost passes I am Juliette as the story most precious to my heart, too. I have a different title for the trilogy, but I’m keeping it under wraps, but the story stars a bright, childlike girl and it has a cast of characters that I love so much it hurts. Plus a snarky AI. There is a clear, vivid essence about it that thrills my soul. The day I write this will be the happiest day ever.


This board here is my oldest storyboard, and every single photo is perfect and special and… *happy dances* It’s an epic fantasy series and each title has a color in it, and it stars people with special abilities (elementals. Ish).

The Runner Chronicles

This board makes me squeal every time I look at it. I can’t wait to write the story so I can read it under the covers and scare myself to death. GHOST STORIES FOR THE WIN.

Soundless House

As the bonus feature I’m sharing a few storyboards from other writers that I love. My issue will be not swamping you all with links. *cough* Emily Chapman and Emily Ann Putzke’s board for Ain’t We Got Fun is perfect for the story and I enjoy the summery feel of it. I can not wait to read Joy Chalaby’s Twelfth Caller Home, and Schuyler McConkey’s War of LoyaltiesBridled is one of my favorite mysteries of all time — I cry over the main character without fail. The fresh essence of Carmel’s Psithurism makes me happy and Brianna da Silva’s White Blade is delightful.

What are some of your favorite Pinterest boards? Which one of mine do you like the most? And are you going to join in Elisabeth’s party? *begs*

12 thoughts on “Story Visuals // a Pinterest storyboard party

  1. Yes, yes! “I am Juliette” is absolutely a thrillingly beautiful board, with the loveliest pins that fit your story gloriously *nods* I haven’t seen some of your other storyboards in a while, so I am going to trot off now and have a peep – Oooh, the Runner Chronicles!! Do you remember when you emailed me for the first time, my dear? You shared with me a little about the Runners series, and it sounded so wonderful. I’m eager to read it, as I’m eager to read all your stories so much!! Ooh, actually one of my all time favourite boards for you is a secret one, and it starts with the letter “i” and features music in it *nods head sagely* ;). Do you have a storyboard for “Little”?

    *gasps* you mentioned one of my boards! Haha, thanks, Annie darling, you special girl! ❤ It is one of those quirky story-ideas that I really can't wait to write one day, and you've encouraged me about it so often – but be warned, it may be in some years, m'dear! I have so many favourite boards for my stories, but I think if I *had* to pick, it would be a tie between "A Love that Never Fails" (love this board SO MUCH!), "The Crown of Life" and "Taurus Elnath" ❤ *hugs them all very tightly* I have a few favourite secret boards too *winks cheekily*

    I love Schuyler's "War of Loyalties" board so much also – hmm, I have to look up these other boards; thanks for sharing!
    Here are a few other favourites I'm so intruiged to read about when they're published :).
    Schuyler's "When You Remember Me" board:
    Rachel Coker's Book No. 3 (Goodness, I want her to write more books!!):
    Rachel Heffington's published novel for Fly Away Home:
    Abigail Hartman's storyboard Wordcrafter:

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    1. Your description of my IAJ board makes my heart happy. ^_^ Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve been able to find so many pins that fit the story to perfection!

      Yes! I remember that day so clearly — I can’t wait for you to beta for The Runner Chronicles. It’ll be so exciting. =D Ohhh, so THAT one is your favorite. *secret grin* I do have a “Little” board, and it’s actually public too. Tis called The Woosel.

      Aww, you’re so welcome, precious. *nods* I shall wait patiently, but, oh, I’ll be so excited when you do pull that story out someday! I very much enjoy all three of the boards you mentioned, particularly ALTNF (WWII and Jane for the win). Oh, yes, several of my most favorite storyboards are secret too. *sly grin*

      *must look at all the pinterest lovelies you shared*

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  2. Just so you know, I’ve always ADORED your “Soundless House” board. This story needs to happen…
    As a very visual person, pinterest storyboards are something I can hardly get enough of! I just might have to join this Party… (Not that my obsession needs feeding…) ^^

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  3. Ooo, you joined! I’m so glad! Let’s see…I like the atmosphere of Soundless House (you know I go for the ones with the most historical flavor), and the Runner Chronicles board is pretty stunning too.

    And for anybody else thinking of joining the party, I decided I might as well extend the link-up through the end of November. So there’s a few more days you can jump in!

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    1. I really, really wanted too. I’m so glad I managed to get my post up! 🙂 Oh, yes, I had a feeling Soundless House was right up your alley. ^.^ The Runner Chronicles is, I think, one of my most picturesque boards. So much color and pretty scenery.


    1. Oh, goody! It’s one of the oldest stories I have and I’m dying to dust it off and start writing it sometime. I shall keep you in mind as a Watson to tell me how much you love it when I’m in the Depths of Despair, okeydokey? *grin*

      Oooo, thanks so much, Serena! This looks like such a delightful tag. Can’t wait to do it. ^_^


  4. *horrified gasp* I just realized that I haven’t been following you on Pinterest all this time. I am so ashamed. Rectifying that RIGHT NOW! *heads over to Pinterest*

    And *eeeeeeeepppp* I adore your “Soundless House” Storyboard!! It’s lovely! And I wanna read it… Like, now. Seriously, I kind of need it. ❤

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  5. Oh, what a lovely party! All of your boards are gorgeous, Annie, but I think perhaps my favourite one would have to be I AM JULIETTE. I am really not a sci-fi person in general, but this story looks absolutely gorgeous, and the storyboard has only convinced me further. I can’t wait to hear more about it, if you decide to share with us. ❤


  6. I’m reading this post extremely late. >_> I was just happily scrolling along, enjoying all these links to pretty pictures and stories, and then suddenly at the end I see my name… O.O GAH! Thank you, Annie! You know, it’s funny… White Blade is actually a project I’ve long since abandoned (the story itself was rather dumb, in my opinion), BUT I kept the board because: pretty pictures. ^_^

    *happily explores all the other boards in this post*


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