If there was a Book Genie // Ten Bookish Wishes

Yes, I am joining in Top Ten Tuesday  scandalously late. I make my own rules, y’all.

In actuality, our Internet has been very sketchy this week. Bribing it with chocolate chips has accomplished wonders. Will this state of affairs last? Only time will tell.


If there was actually a Book Genie (which would be run-around-and-hyperventilate worthy) what ten things would I wish for? 

  1. The rest of the Vivi and Farnham cozy mystery series. Please, please, please and thank you.
  2. A book deal. Actually, more than one. That would be faint-from-excitement worthy.
  3. More Halo books written by Eric Nylund. I would pay money for this. Which is a lot coming from my miserly soul. (I kid. Ish.)
  4. An inexhaustible library card. No fines. No limit on how many books you can take out. The option of renewing something at least twice. Can you imagine?
  5. The ability to experience reading a book for the first time more than once. Need I say more?
  6. The skill to write stellar book reviews, with all deep thoughts and awesome photography. I would be a happy hedgehog.
  7. The ability to enter a book at will. (Basically I want ALL the abilities.) But can you imagine being an invisible appreciator of Gandalf’s snark? Listening to Eanrin’s songs? Exploring the Pillar of Autumn?
  8. Books by osmosis. You could absorb knowledge whilst sleeping. I need this in my life.
  9. New releases to be on my doorstep the instant they are published. This requires no explaination.
  10. More bookshelves. NAY. An entire library room in my house. Complete with comfy chairs (“I made him say, ‘comfy chairs’!”) and soft lights.

What about you, fellow bookworms? Do you long for a library of your own? An inexhaustible supply of a specific author’s works? A BOOK DEAL? Let’s compare wishes. 

11 thoughts on “If there was a Book Genie // Ten Bookish Wishes

  1. So many of these things are EXACTLY what I would want. Book Deal yes please! An entire library to myself! Stellar reviewing skills! And books by osmosis would solve my school problems. (Though technically – chem nerd here – osmosis only involves the motion of WATER across a membrane. Diffusion involves any sort of substance, so it technically should be books by diffusion. Okay I’m done.)

    Also, my lovely library allows for two renewals so… *runs away cackling*

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  2. It doesn’t matter how late it is, you still did it. I ended up skipping this week’s because so much was going on at the school that I couldn’t stand the thought of writing the post. I should just do it now…

    Anyway, I love your list.

    My library actually allows me to renew a book as many times as I want as long as there isn’t anyone on hold. Maybe that is just part of living in Montana where we have WEEKS during the winter where making it into town is a hopeless endeavor. There have been known times where students have ridden their horses to school due to the snow.

    Seven is awesome. I would be exceedingly excited if this were actually possible.

    New releases instantly would also be epic. It would be even better if I didn’t have to fork over my hard-earned cash to get them. 🙂

    A library would also be a literal dream come true, especially if it looked like the Beast’s from Beauty and the Beast.

    Thanks for sharing your list! I hope you Internet finds a way to cooperate with you.


  3. I had a similar wish as your number seven, except that I not only want to enter the book world, but become a vital character in it as well! XD I considered number five, but I’m scared if I did that I wouldn’t choose to read the book again and therefore would forget about it entirely! I could just see myself doing that! Such a scary thought, lol. XD



  4. What can I say, my dear Samwise? You must have gone and read my mind or something ;). . .

    Yes, YES to more Vivi and Farnham mysteries #weneedmoreinourlives
    I want a book-deal TOO!! 😀 #thisissoimportant
    An entire library-room with comfy sofa and everything would be a dream come true. . .
    The skill to write steller book-reviews – oh, my stars! Do you have a bit of a pain writing ones too? It just HURTS so much writing reviews of books, especially if it’s a book I really loved. . .
    As for library-loans/fines thing. . . I totally relate! I’m so overdue with bringing back my books to the library, it’s shocking! However, our library system does have allowance for two renewals unless someone has requested the book already *pats her Lovable Goosie on the back sympathetically*. . . also if you’re overdue with returning the book, you’ll receive a few reminders to return the book, but eventually if you don’t return them, the books will go into “lost” status and the only way to get back into the graces of the library and borrow more books is to . . . either pay the expense of the “lost” books, or simply be good and return them, and then you can get back to borrowing as before. I’m a rather wicked library-user and have several books in the “lost” status at the moment. I just don’t go out to the library very often. 😦

    “An inexhaustible supply of a specific author’s works” – yes, YES! P.G. Wodehouse, Rosemary Sutcliff, Elizabeth Goudge. . . is that really so hard??! *sobs* 😀

    Haha, this post was fun to read, dear Annie, and fun to day-dream about ;)! I hope your internet works more smoothly, darling. Miss you heaps. We need to chat soon, okay? ❤

    Love you!


  5. Oh, yes – more Vivi and Farnham, please! And your #5 also sounds great.

    I’d add…more books by favorite authors who only wrote a few! Every once in a while I wish there were six more novels by Jane Austen. And I know I’ve only got two or three more Mary Stewart books I haven’t read, so I’m rationing them. 🙂

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  6. I kind of like the idea of reading by osmosis/diffusion. That would be great. And dangerous. A house made into a library sounds delightful, too–one with more than one level of books (multi-story-ha!) and one of those rolling library ladder contraptions. Of course, that would be best along with a personal butler and housekeeper. The dream needs to be sustainable! 🙂 Perhaps an endless supply of chocolate chips in my favorite brand. (What’s yours?)


  7. Oo! If the book genie grants you #8, pass ’em on my way because I’m defs going to need that when I head to grad school. :p

    I totally struggle with #6. I’m all ‘yeah! awesome book! Review coming up!’ and then I get to my blog and go ‘0.0’. #6 would be great, as well.

    P.s. Super happy I’m not the only blogger who says y’all! Hee hee!


  8. Ohhhh yes. #7 especially. Ororor while reading the books you can enter a virtual reality and see everything being played out in front of you. o.o


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