An exciting announcement that involves books and awards and YOU, my fellow Cyberspace-ers // the 2015 Blogger Awards


I have a Very Important Announcement.

The second annual Blogger Awards have begun!

What is this you ask? Read on, my minions, and all shall be revealed.

(Hannah is talented with graphic design, y’all.)

 I heard wisps of talk about this fun, fangirl-y, thoroughly bookish event last year, but for some reason I never got around to actually participating.

In a nutshell, the Blogger Awards is an event hosted by five bloggers, and Yours Truly. The purpose of it is to honor the skilled authors of 2015. There are six different categories that we will be awarding:

Best Cover — hosted by Schuyler on Saturday, December 19th.

Best Title — hosted by Hannah on Sunday, December 20th.

Best Short Fiction — hosted by Ghosty on Monday, December 21th.

Best Character — hosted by Annie (Yours Truly *bows) on Tuesday, December 22th.

Best Book — hosted by Sarah on Wednesday, December 23th.

Best Author, hosted by Allison on Thursday, December 24th. 

(Basically we build all the suspense towards Christmas. Clever, right?)

This is where YOU come in, my shiny cyberspacelings (I say this is a word, and so it shall be). 

Leave a comment and tell me who you think the Best Character(s) are of books published in 2015! Pretty please, and thank you? 

Then, grab a chocolate chip cookie and some tea or coffee, and trot around to the other blogs and share what 2015 favorites you think should win in the respective categories. I will know if you haven’t and I’ll send my assassin characters after you. *cackles*


Nominations are open until November 1st, and remember only books published in 2015 are valid. 

Feel free to sprinkle the Blogger Awards image about, and let people know about the event!

Go forth, and share your love for all the bookish things. DO IT. 

29 thoughts on “An exciting announcement that involves books and awards and YOU, my fellow Cyberspace-ers // the 2015 Blogger Awards

      1. *pats your head gently* Poor Katie. Maybe you need rest? :kidding: 😉

        David and Jace. Right. This Jace fellow has had girls fangirling over him all over the web. Makes me very curious… ^_^


  1. Ooh, this sounds like a really fantastic idea and wow, that is a LOT of pressure on Christmas. Let me see … for best character, I’m not sure how many I can nominate? But I would go first for Delilah Bard of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab and if I can do any more I would nominate Shahzad from The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. Looking forward to this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alas, I can not accept credit for thinking it up, but thanks anyways. 😉 And yes, MUST KEEP CHRISTMAS ON ITS TOES.

      You can nominate as many as you want, m’dear! Within reason, of course. XD

      And thank you for the character mentions, Alyssa! So excited.


  2. How exciting, Annie! 😀 Also, I approve of the title “cyberspacelings” for us 😉 ❤

    O-k-a-y, here we go: Perceval from Pendragon's Heir! (*nods head sagely* – he's the best chap I've read of 2015 releases, for SURE!)

    I also think Draven from "Draven's Light" by Anne Elisabeth Stengl is a great character (aren't all her characters so?), so I nominate him. Kaja and Liam from "A Sparrow in Terezin" by Kristy Cambron were characters that endeared themselves to me greatly too.


  3. All righty then! Characters make or break any story, and the hero more or less defines my view of the story. So here we go….

    Draven from Draven’s Light by Nicole Sager
    Lathan from Burdney by Nicole Sager
    Bonnie from The Wulver’s Rose by Hayden Wand


  4. ❤ Aw! Look at all the love for Perceval! I honestly wish I hadn't written him, so that I could nominate him myself. But instead, because I can't, I will nominate Isidore from A Wish Made of Glass and (guilty whisper) Abanshaddi from Somewhither.


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