Curious Wren launch party Day Three: Interview at Wishful Thinking.

On our third day of the Curious Wren blog launch party, I hang out with my new-ish friend: the wise, and utterly awesome Mirriam. Come join us for coffee and cupcakes while she asks me what books make me an emotional puddle of tears, who my Top Five Favorite bloggers are (you might be on the list!), what music I pour into my brain whilst I write, about my favorite quotes, and more! 

I first made Annie’s acquaintance when she left a touching comment on my blog about a month ago, and I’m delighted to announce she’s finally venturing into the blogging world with her own slice of the internet!… read more.

One thought on “Curious Wren launch party Day Three: Interview at Wishful Thinking.

  1. Oooh, I loved the quotes you shared–especially the C.S. Lewis one. And I totally think it’s valid to include your own WIP as one of the things that makes you cry–I know both my current WIPs have made me (almost) tear up at one point or another, and I don’t usually cry at books. Like you, I can’t sit unless I have my legs curled up beside me, so forcing myself to sit like a normal person during church is one of the most miserable experiences ever. Seriously, churches should provide arm chairs instead of benches. Anyway, great interview!

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